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The tiles can be used in various ways,
sticking to just the Themes, list of demands or backstories to demands.

or you can do the Theme, Backstory and then demand of each area.

For example:
Theme - Yapakurlangu Warnkuru Matters
Backstory - The way NT Police have engaged our community is racist.......
Demands - 1 & 2 and tile 3.
You will notice that the tiles are colour coded.

If you don't want to do the themes.
A call to action of tiles to upload could be:
Instructions continued:

The other way is to follow and share our Instagram page:

T-shirt Screen Print Files

We welcome supporters to print t-shirts and sell them to assist with fundraising for Karrinjarla Muwajarri campaigning costs! 
Any t-shirts made needs to be free of charge for mob and we encourage non-mob to pay it forward on a sliding scale from $30-$50.

Instructions for one colour screen print

• Print out BLACK AND WHITE version "A3 actual size to make your screen".
• Use yellow ink to print on black t-shirts.

Instructions for two colour screen print


Warlpiri Demands

Taking Action with Karrinjarla Muwajarri

List of Demands

Backstory to Demands

Events - Public Forum and Protest Rallies Instagram

Take Action

You can support our community and the work that is ahead of us to fight for justice and healing for our community

Endorsement Supporters

The Yuendumu community, elders and the families of Kumanjyi Walker would like to acknowledge all the support of our many community organisations both locally and nationally.

The following organisations have endorsed our demands so far:

Karrinjarla Muwajarri

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